One of the (few) advantages of becoming unemployed is that you suddenly have a lot of spare time on your hands. Enough time that; even after allowing for arguing with your partner over money, trying to find a new job, worrying about losing your house etc. you still have time to just sit and think.

A lot of people in that situation would probably use that spare time wisely and productively; thinking about what courses they could go on or what sort of retraining they could do.

Not me; oh no, I spent it gazing out of the window randomly doodling on bits of paper…

political t shirt idea

As I doodled, I was wondering. How could it be possible that one section of society could be allowed to ruin countless normal peoples lives and yet have it arranged that those self-same people ended up paying for their personal protection from the effect of those actions. Indeed in a lot of cases, their further enrichment from those actions.

How has this been allowed to happen and why aren’t more people more mad about it?

I’m not the street protesting sort of person (although I am glad that here are others who will do this) and commenting on online articles quickly proves a massively futile pastime. What could I do to register my feelings? How could I make some sort of protest that might have an effect?

Luckily at one of these moments the metaphorical lightbulb above all our heads finally spluttered into life and gave off a flickering illumination of my path. I had been tidying up my pieces of paper when I came to the sketch you see here