Political t shirts with an unusual angle

Political t shirts usually means supporting one political party or another. We are approaching political t shirts from a different direction.
In our opinion there is no difference between one political party and another. They are all populated by an identical elite, dedicated to preserving the system that rewards them and their friends so greatly. They put on a terrific show for us, making out that they are on opposite sides of some imaginary fence, but really the agenda is to protect the rich and leave the rest of us to fend for ourselves.

An indistinguishable part of this elite are the bankers, probably responsible for more recent human misery and suffering than any other group in society. Well it’s time for their free pass to stop, it’s time that we let the world know what we really think of these people by wearing one of our blatantly offensive political t shirts and stomping about in public, preferably outside a bank….

We have also put the images into a series of (short) videos with a sort of nonsensical story behind them concerning me and my dog Poochie and our adventures with the avant-guarde artists and the bankers. Please enjoy and if you like it a lot, kindly share to spread the word.

Here is a transcript of the inane ramblings:

I happened to be taking Poochie for a lovely late night stroll around by where the occupy wall street protests were taking place, when I happened upon this most unusual sight!
Now i can’t really say what was actually happening, maybe one of those banker fellows was trying to give a little back to the community. Maybe it was those avant guarde artists again making some comment on how the financial worlds and the world of eco-friendly travel could collide.
Either way the whole thing made me distinctly queasy… I quickly spent a good couple of hours throwing poochies dog biscuits at him and then hurried on my way….